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Champion boxers Seniesa Estrada, Ryan Garcia, and Oscar De La Hoya have teamed up with Fierce Reflex to auction off an autographed limited-edition pink Fierce Reflex bag and two tickets to Ryan Garcia’s next fight. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation for the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center at Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital in East Los Angeles.

To enter the auction, go to Winners will be announced on Monday, Nov. 1 and will be contacted directly.

Patent # D922,510

and other patents pending.



The Bag That Hits Back

We make the best, most elite, reflex bag on the planet.

The origin story

When Coach Henry decided not to use the end bag anymore he began designing his own reflex bag. Come see how his bag helped build boxing champions.

What others are saying

This bag has been a staple in my development since my days in our garage this bag has helped me with my precision, defense and conditioning and I am proud of what it has evolved into...Fierce Reflex

Ryan Garcia

The Fierce Reflex bag is excellent. One of a kind to improve reflex, speed, and defense. Every boxing gym needs one. The Fierce Reflex bag is great for all ages; kids, amateurs, and professionals.

Canelo Alvarez
A superior bag built for champions

Our bag was designed to last. See for yourself how we built the most elite and durable reflex bag available.


The bag that Henry Garcia has designed is much more than just a training apparatus. In fact, it is also a very important weapon for those who learn to use it, as it allows one to develop speed and waist movement while at the same time providing an excellent means for target practice. Without a doubt this device will be very useful for those boxers who enjoy technical boxing at the highest level. Personally, I use it with my boxers, and it’s given me great results. I highly recommend it. It’s fantastic!

Eddy Reynoso

La bolsa que ha diseñado Henry García más que un aparato, es una arma muy importante para quien aprenda a utilizarla, pues con ella se puede desarrollar mucha velocidad, puntería y mucho movimiento de cintura. Sin duda alguna este aparato será demucha utilidad para los boxeadores que gusten de la técnica boxistica de alto nivel. Yo personalmente lo utilize con mis boxeadores y me ha dado muy benos resultados. Se las recomiendo. ¡Es fantástica!

Eddy Reynoso

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