The Fierce Reflex Story

This is what happens when family values merge with an unquenchable thirst for success.

The challenge

Henry Garcia and his brother Sergio began training his sons Ryan and Sean Garcia in boxing when they were only seven years old. Knowing the importance of agility, Henry would buy reflex bags to use in his sons' training. However, as his sons got stronger and faster the bags would eventually fail and break.

Henry Designs the new bag

Wanting the best for his sons' training, Henry decided to build his own reflex bag, one made to be as strong as the boxers training on them. After several rounds of revisions, the Fierce Reflex was born.

Testing and refining the bag

As Ryan and Sean Garcia advanced through their boxing career, they would train on the Fierce Reflex bag. This not only increased their agility and strength, but it allowed Henry to continue to refine the bag.

The success of the bag

Over time, more professional boxers learned about Ryan and Sean's secret training tool and sought out the Fierce Reflex bag. Boxers like Canelo Alvarez, Oscar Valdez, Andy Ruiz, Badou Jack, Jessie Vargas, and Julio Chavez Sr. began incorporating the Fierce Reflex into their training.

Now available for anyone

Today, the Fierce Reflex bag is available for anyone who wants to train like a champion. Are you ready to start training like the pros? Get your Fierce Reflex bag today!


This bag has been a staple in my development since my days in our garage this bag has helped me with my precision, defense and conditioning and I am proud of what it has evolved into...Fierce Reflex

Ryan Garcia

The Fierce Reflex bag is excellent. One of a kind to improve reflex, speed, and defense. Every boxing gym needs one. The Fierce Reflex bag is great for all ages; kids, amateurs, and professionals.

Canelo Alvarez