Q: What is the difference between all three bags?

A: The Fierce Reflex Bag comes in three tiers: Youth Debut, Pro-Elite, and Elite-Hybrid. The difference between these bags comes down to size and weight and experience. The most important factor is weight class. The Youth Debut is optimized for ages 7-14 with a maximum weight of up to 119lbs. The Pro-Elite is optimized for middle weight classes (up to 178lbs) and the Elite-Hybrid for heavier weight classes (up to and beyond 200lb). The Elite Hybrid is also suitable for the middle and lighter weight classes if you are an elite or very experienced athlete. No matter which bag you select, each is crafted with the same commitment to elite-level performance and quality. 

Q: How tall are the bags?

A: The maximum heights for our bags are

  • all bags can be adjusted between 4.5ft - 6ft

Q: What is the product warranty?

A: We offer a 6 month warranty on our metalware and 30 days on soft goods (bags, sandbags, gel wrap gloves, hitting mitts) We will happily replace any product items that are defective within that time period. 


     Q: What is the company's contact information?

    A: Address: 105 W F Street, Third Floor, San Diego, CA 92101

         Customer Service Inquiries: info@fiercereflex.com